X-Inject WS100 is a two part Base (Part A) and Catalyst (Part B) solvent-free, low viscosity, foaming polyurethane resin system. When in contact with water it reacts to form a rapidly expanding stable foam that stops water leaks.
X-Inject WS100 is formulated to temporarily seal water leaks in concrete structures to allow injection of a secondary permanent seal using X-Inject PU211 or PU221.

• Variable mixing ratios to control degree of foaming
• Formulated for hot and cold climates
• Can be supplied as a pre-catalysed single component product
• Good adhesion to substrate
• Withstands high hydrostatic pressures
• Stable foam when cured
• Application with electric or pneumatic injection pumps
• Cured resin is non toxic
• Suitable for use in contact with potable and brackish

• Rapid sealing of leaking cracks in concrete structures.