Two-Component injection grouting machine

Two component injection grouting pump consists of two injection grouting pumps. At a time two processes of grouting can be done. It improves working efficiently and smartly. It is also known as a dual component injection grouting pump. It has two pumps for grout ejaculation. More grout mixtures are used here but the work done is fast and efficient. It is small in size, light in weight and can be used in a narrow space. It is easy to install and easy to maintain. It has a pressure of 350 kg/m2. Over all the functioning and operating power of the dual component injection grouting pump is great. These types of machines are used in bridge repairing, underground fall ceiling repairs, underground parking ceiling repair, etc. It operates on electricity. There are also machines available which operate on Gas. For smooth and fast working procedures good quality machines are a must. We at Ridex INC provide excellent quality injection grouting machines at affordable prices from Mumbai, India. We are a well known manufacturer and supplier of exclusive dual component injection grouting machines at a reasonable price rate. We supply these injection grouting machines in bulk. For bulk orders prices may vary. For more information and queries you can contact us.