PU Injection Grouting Chemicals

Pu Injection grouting chemical is a very useful element in water proofing. As we know grout is a material used to fill the voids and gaps in concrete structure. There are various types of grouting material. Different grouting materials are used for different surfaces. Some are used to just fill the cracks and voids. While some are used to fill the holes as well as to block the water passage. So Pu grouting chemical is used to fill the holes as well as to block the water passage. This grouting chemical is also used for continuous leakages in walls, tanks, and ceilings. This grouting chemical can be more effective if applied on the inner side of the tank. Pu grouting chemicals consists of stretching polyurethane to stop the water leakage or flow. This chemical keeps on expanding until it reaches at every shore of the damage voids. After that it creates a strong bonding with the crack shores and becomes solid concrete. And the water passage is stopped. In some instances grouting injections are used. As these injections are an effective way of work done. When the cracks on a structure are severe or the crack length is large, then in this situation we would use Pu injection grouting chemical. We would drill those injections with a respective distance of 1 meter on the crack side. So after set up is made up with the injection we would inject our pu grouting chemical in those drilled injection. So the grouting chemicals will reach his shores and pack up the gaps and after drying it will block the water passages. So it is the best way for blocking water passage and filling gaps. We manufacture and supply the best quality of PU Injection Grouting chemicals at an affordable price from India. We are well known dealers and distributors of grouting chemicals from Mumbai. Protect your walls and tanks, Fill your wall gaps and voids. For more information you can contact us.