Injection packers are a device used in the grouting process for repairing damaged concrete structures. These packers come in various shapes as well as in sizes. Injection packers 100mm are manufactured of hard and strong steel. These steels are so strong that they can bear the pressure of grouting machines. There are various other types of injection packers. Steel packer kombi, Alloy packers kombi, aluminum packers, double casing, etc are some of the examples of injection packers. The other elements which define a perfect name of a packer are packer length, the diameter of the packer, thread size of the inner screw, etc. These all are the important elements of a packer. Injection packers 100mm means the length of the actual packer with respect to tolerance mm. These packers are widely used at concrete structure sites in order to repair the construction sites. It is used in filling the gaps, voids, and holes at damaged concrete structure sites. Injection packers consist of a rubber structure around its conical diameter structure. Good quality of packers always leads to excellent work. So select the best injection packers for working. These packers are made up of alloy, aluminum, and steel. Based upon their developed structures their prices reside. You can check it online also. We at Ridex INC provide the best quality injection packers at an affordable price. You can also avail of the best offer from us. We are a notable manufacturer and supplier of good quality Injection packers 100mm at an affordable price from Mumbai. These injection packers are for sale In India. For more information, you can contact us.