Injection Grouting Pump Manufacturer

An injection grouting pump is an injecting device used to fill the cracks, voids, open joints, etc in a concrete structure. Grout is a paste used to fill the gaps between concrete cracks, floors, tiles, etc. There are various other types of grouts available according to their working. So these groups are different for different materials. The selection of grout is dependent upon the surface or material where it will be applied. Perfect and matching selection of grout is compulsory. If the grout is not according to the surface material then the overall work will be in vain. Epoxy, cement grouts, polymer cement slurry, urethane, etc, are some of the types of grouts. It is mixed with other elements in order to form a paste. These grouts are created in a grouting machine, then injected with the help of an Injection Grouting pump in cracks and voids. It blocks the passage of water, fills the gaps with grouting material, and strengthens the structure. So Injection grouting is of great use for concrete structures and other types of construction buildings and monuments. Injection grouting pumps are involved in the grouting process of concrete. These grouting pumps are used for force full injections of grouting materials. The other types of grouting pumps are Single component injection grouting pump and Two component Injection grouting pump. For better work and performance the grouting machines should be of good quality. The better the quality of product and material, the smooth work will be done. So select your materials and product wisely. We at Ridex provide excellent quality Grouting machines at a reasonable price. We deal in all types of grouting products. We are a notable manufacturer and supplier of Injection grouting pumps from Mumbai, India. The injection Grouting Pump is for sale at the best prices.