Injection Grouting Packer

Grouting packers are used in building constructions. They are specially designed for low pressure and high pressure special elements respectively. These grouting packers are manufactured and produced according to the work and Size. It is also divided into several categories according to materials. There are various standards of packers available. Different types of packers have different names. Their name depends upon their quality and materials.
Different standards of packers according to their material and construction.

  • OPK : Steel Packers Kombi.
  • OPD : Steel Packers Double casing.
  • APD : Aluminum Packers Double Casing.
  • SPK : Alloy Packers Kombi.
  • Injector : plastic injectors lamellar or conical.

Packers come in various types such as OPK 13-100-M-6

  • OPK : It is the type of packer.
  • 13: Outer diameter of the rubber.
  • 100: Packer Length with tolerance 5mm.
  • M: Ending of packer by Nipple.
  • 6 : Thread size of the inner screw.

Grouting steel packer combi also consists of tension nut, clamping rubber, screw without head, and round head nipple. We are a well known manufacturer and supplier of packers in India. We provide injection grouting packers at an affordable price from Mumbai. Our products are of premium quality at an affordable price. We use excellent materials to produce these packers. For more information you can contact us.