Graco 190 Injection Grouting Machine

Gracos 190 PC Express electric Grouting Pump is modified with the addition of a hopper especially designed for the injection of single shot PU / Epoxy resin Grout and with a long pot life ,weighs less than 14 Kg, and it’s built tough to handle everyday use in crack of building and concrete project.

The pump is lightweight and portable, yet powerful, being able to reach a maximum pressure of 3300 psi.


• 5 meters high pressure Hose
• Pressure Gauge
• Stainless Steel Hopper
• Grouting Gun

It is designed and built to withstand harsh and rugged environments, and is easy to dismantle for cleaning. Its offset handle is designed for comfortable carrying, and its small size makes it suitable for use in areas where the working area is limited.