Phthalate-free, flexible, hydrophilic, low-viscous polyurethane resin for sealing moving, non-structural cracks.

• For sealing damp, moving, non-structural cracks below groundwater level
• For sealing water leaks through the joints of concrete tunnel elements
• For screen injections behind tunnel segments
• For sealing moving, leaking cracks
• For filling gravel nests below groundwater level
• For waterproofing man-accessible and non-man-accessible sewers
• For expansion joints or round joints in combination with oil-free hemp cord or open-cell foam

Product Description:-
HA Safefoam NF is a phthalate-free, 1-component low-viscosity, hydrophilic polyurethane resin. After curing, HA Safefoam NF forms an inert, flexible foam with closed cell structure and very good tensile strength and adhesion. HA Safefoam NF can be used as a 2-component system with a ratio with water of 1/1 for the injection of dry cracks.
• ADR free transport
• Phthalate-free resin, REACH compliant
• Solvent-free
• TDI free
• Not flammable
• Very good adhesion and tensile strength
• Withstands thermal movements, wet / dry cycles, freeze / thaw cycles and joint movements without degradation of the material.
• Good general chemical resistance. (