Next generation, phthalate free, closed cell, 1-component, high performance, low viscosity, hydrophobic, HydroActive, rigid polyurethane injection grout for cutting off gushing water leaks with a high flow rate and/or high hydrostatic pressure.

Field Of Application:-
• Designed for cutting off gushing water leaks with a high flow rate and/or high pressure.
• Used to block water leaks in diaphragm walls.
• Filling large voidssuch asrock fissures, crushed faults, gravel layers, joints, cracks and honeycombs in concrete structures that are not subject to settlement or movement.
• Injection of LDPE or HDPE membranes in tunnel construction.
• Pre-injections for waterproofing and consolidation in front of the TBM, with drill-and-blast and NATM under wet condition.
• In combination with cement and micro-fine cement for Combi-Grouting.
• For tie-back and screw rod anchoring in wet and dry conditions.
• For curtain injection into gravel for containing chemicals under wet or dry conditions.
• For soil stabilisation and anchoring in gravel.
• For screen injection behind porous structures when high velocity water streams are present.



• ADR free transport.
• Next generation resin with improved waterproofing performance.
• Improved cell structure of the cured compound resulting in better mechanical properties and durability.
• Phthalate free resins, REACH compliant.
• Improved performance at temperatures below 5°C, no crystallisation of HA Cut Cat AF.
• Fast, Extra-Fast and Super Extra-Fast catalysts available for applications where the standard catalyst reaction speed is insufficient due to low temperatures or very high water flow. (See respective Technical Data Sheet)
• HA Cut AF forms a rigid gasket with high strength in the joint or crack.
• Non-flammable, solvent free.
• User friendly: 1-component material.
• Controllable reaction times: by using catalyst curing times can be reduced.
• Cured compound is resistant to most organic solvents, mild acids, alkalis and microorganisms.(

• KTW Potable Water approved.