Epoxy Grouting Chemical

Epoxy grouting chemical is the strongest grout as compared with cement grout. It is applicable for corrosion resistance. It creates a high bonding with the surface where it is applied. It also creates a strong bonding with steel as compared with cement grout. It comes in 100% prepackaged. The chemical and oil resistance in epoxy grout is very high as related to cement. Epoxy grout consists of a graded aggregate, a hardener and a resin. In the mortar the resin and hardener behaves like an adhesive, while the aggregate reacts as a filler to reduce the cost. Mortar is one of the important factors to reduce the loss of load bearing area. Mortar with aggregators plays an important role in epoxy grouting chemicals. It reacts differently with different materials . Like mortar is formed with an aggregator the linear coefficient of thermal expansion is reduced. So Epoxy is one of the best chemicals to be used in grouting for various materials and surfaces. We at Ridex INC produce good quality grouting chemicals at affordable rates. We are a well known manufacturer and supplier of best quality epoxy grouting chemical at good price from India. Our products are in great demand world wide. These epoxy chemicals are available for sale from Mumbai. For more information please contact us.